Ron Slusser dba Restaurants For Sale and Routes For Sale Customer Testimonials

Peggy "Thank you so much, Ron. You are awesome. Another contractor asked how our broker was. I told him how my experience was. He asked if I had it to do over, would I use the same broker, and I said "Absolutely!" He said he was thinking about it, and if he decided to sell, he would call me for your contact information. Thanks again, and call if I can ever be of any help to you."

Joseph "Ron, Thanks for the service, having prospects vetted before trying to do business saves a ton of time and connected me with quality investors. Thanks again!"

Dave "Ron, The service and personal attention I received from you was exceptional and unexpected, you are truly a high-caliber person. Your knowledge of the local market and key contacts in the community helped me in my search for the right business to purchase. After patiently going through listings and explaining details with me, you made sure I got the best value for my needs. I could not have asked for a better person to guide me through the process."

Tom "I can't thank you enough for helping me get a full price contract within the first week of listing my route with you! I will definitely tell others about your service."

Jerel "Thank you for your help selling my route. I'm glad to be working with someone who has done this before and knows what they are doing, because I don't know the first thing about selling routes. Your fee is well worth it."

Matt "Ron, I'm sending you a guy that wants you to sell his route. I told him it's a guarantee my man."

Kevin "Thanks so much for your effort to sell my business. You brought me great qualified prospects. I got a better price than I was expecting. When Iím ready sell my current business, youíre my first call."

John "I want to thank you for your input on my personal situation today. It meant a lot to me. I am serious about buying a route and really liked the looks of that Pepperidge Farm cookie route. Thanks again. Stay in touch."

Darren "I wanted to write you an email and touch base with you. I got back from West Virginia 3 weeks ago and everything is going great with the new business. I wanted to thank you for your service and I hope that we can work together on future deals."

Mark "I just told a few guys at our warehouse about your service. I told them not to be surprised if you sell their route within the first week. Thanks again for your help!"

Joe "There is no better way to purchase a route than using Routes For Sale. Routes For Sale knowledge of the industry can't be beat!!"

Greg "I enjoyed working with Routes For Sale throughout the sale of our ATM company in Phoenix. you were professional throughout the process and maximized the sales price that we got for our portfolio by strategically providing information to multiple potential buyers and then timely working with them to close the best offer."

Thomas A. "Just want to tell you that your web page is spectacular. One of the most user friendly and functional for any industry. Really stands out."

Brian "Thanks for bringing me multiple offers, this is a crazy and exciting time for me and I do appreciate everything that you're doing."

James "Thank you very much, Ron. God bless you, and richly reward you with much continued success. I am moved and touched by honest and understanding business person like yourself. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I will recommend you to anyone I come across."

John S. "Ron, you are the route guru of America!"

Ryan Davila "Thanks for all your hard work and dedication getting my deal closed! You had great advice throughout the buying process! Very professional!"

Sherief M. "Thanks again for the quick detailed reply, the only words I can use to describe what you do is that you are very generous! I will keep an eye on the website and I already added myself to the future listings and we will discuss any route that becomes available in my area."

Emery "I am telling other distributors about your service. Your sight really helped me out of a tight spot thank you."

Brady P. "Mr. Slusser, Hello. I have read several good reviews on your professionalism with buying/selling routes around the U.S. so I thought I would contact you. I have had my eye on one specific FedEx Ground business for sale in CO, but the selling broker has an "iffy" reputation, according to what I read on the internet. Anyway, I am looking for an honest, ethical business broker and thus the reason I am contacting you..."

Ron B. "Ron, I am so pleased at the way things turned out. I feel fortunate to have found your business to help me sell my route. My buyer, said "Too bad I didn't know you had a route for sale and you could have saved the commission." I realize that without your services, my buyer never would have known that I had a route for sale, and we would likely have never have made contact. Thanks again for all your help."

Gary B. "Ron has been very professional and especially diligent in securing information to make informed buying decisions. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

David P. "Thank you Ron. You have been a most valuable asset during these negotiations."

Nick S. "Thanks for all your help throughout this sometimes troublesome transaction. I appreciate your support. If I find myself with the need to sell anymore routes, you will be my first call. I will also recommend you to anyone seeking similar services."

Pete H. "Ron, Thanks for the quick turn-around - very professional. Look forward to working with you."

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